Impact of motivation on workers productivity

It energizes, intensifies, directs and brings about persistence of effort towards attaining a goal. This has greatly demoralized an average Nigerian worker. Excellent performance should be rewarded to boost the ego of the employee.

How human resource strategies will be enhanced to ensure staff morale improvement. Therefore, the hypotheses and questions testing would be done using the method mentioned in paragraph 3. So, since the scope of the study or research is base don the management who are the decision-makers in the organization, their busy schedule might be a source of impediment hindrance to him i.

Motivation & Productivity in the Workplace

Other general objectives of the study are: There is no significant relationship between motivation and workers productivity. To find out the management perception regarding the relevance of motivation in an institution. The procedures for the analysis of the data have been divided into two parts: Gower Press Field Limited.

Instant Share On Social Media: Hence communication is vital tool for effective mana Why Employees Leave A bad relationship with a boss is the most commonly cited reason for quitting a job, according to Gallup poll results cited by "Psychology Today" in November Safe working environment emanates from the security need.

Managing Behaviour in Organization. To evaluate the importance of human resource in an institution. Since statistics is not only concerned with organizing and analyzing data once they are assembled but also with the source of data and how data are collected for study.

The recommendation is that good incentive and environment opportunities should be given to all staff in an institution without bias to improve staff skill and ability which raise their moral and encourage them to put effort towards productivity. Other catalysts include clear, meaningful goals, an open idea flow, and sufficient resources and time to get the work done.

It has been observed that the Nigerian employee lacks a feeling of responsibility to his job and pride in doing his work well. The want for good working environment rests upon multiple needs.

These people have high commitment but low desire.


Machines are replacing human labour fast. Inner Work Life Making progress on meaningful tasks is the chief driver of inner work life, or the combination of emotions, motivations and perceptions that employees experience on the job.

Job enrichment leads to challenges, achievements, recognitions and responsibilities. For example, the online search firm Snagajob circulates "I Got A Job" stories by email to its employees. Recognition and Rewards Many employees need recognition from their employers to produce quality work.

The normal human being will like to remain or stay in a position of physiological or psychological balance or on the other hand the normal human being dislike a state of tension and anxiety State I therefore, the corollary of need deficiencies to search for ways of satisfying their needs Stage II.

The research takes a random sampling method of choosing its respondents. Faraz Hussain from University of Abuja said "This is a great help for those who seek education. It aims at receiving research questions of this study and explaining the sampling and data collection procedure, together with the instrument to be used at the course of the information sourcing.

This has adversely affected the power sector in the country, the results of such negative orientations are the indiscriminate loss of vital records that could have been stored, and poor decision made due to lack of accurate information which goes a long way to affect the workers negatively.The paper discusses the impact of motivation on the productivity of workers in the Nigerian construction industry.

Since motivation is an indu cement for higher output it. International Journal of Business Trends and Technology- volume2Issue4- Impact of Employee Motivation on Performance (Productivity) In Private Organization 1.


Aug 25,  · IMPACT OF MOVITATION ON WORKERS’ PRODUCTIVITY Do workers motivation effective in achieving higher productivity? a. Yes [ ] b. No [ ] If yes, how effective is it for higher productivity?

a. Fairly effective [ ] b. Very effective [ ] c. No effective [ ] d. I don’t know [ ] Keywords: Motivation, Employee productivity, salary, incentive 1.

The Impact of Motivation on Workplace Culture

INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Motivation, as a process, started with a need in human being which creates a vacuum in a person.

In an attempt to fill the vacuum an internal driving force is generated which starts and sustains a chain of action and reaction.

impact of motivation on workers productivity in higher institutions of learning. This study emphasize on the impact of motivation on workers’ productivity in higher institution of learning as a tool for improving workers productivity in an.

The paper discusses the impact of motivation on the productivity of workers in the Nigerian construction industry. Since motivation is an inducement for higher output it should be accorded a right of place by employers of labour for the construction industry to achieve higher productivity, which will lead to greater contribution to the nation’s Gross.

Impact of motivation on workers productivity
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