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Pilimatalawe made it known about his displeasure with the new king and his desire to get assistance of the British in either deposing or assassinating the king. In various official and private meetings with the governor and his secretary.

Madduma Bandara – A Child Hero

The king set fire to his palace and several other places and fled to Hanguranketha, his hideout. The citizens rioted against the King and several dead bodies were heaped in the city. Pilimatalawe was angry that his plan did not bring the desired results and waged his first salvo against the British in by attacking the troops stationed in Mannar and Negombo.

It is on record after this horrendous crime the householders of Senkadagala did not light any fires to prepare meals for a week. The people were waiting for an opportunity to take revenge from the king and were anticipating British troops at any moment.

The king who could not get hold of Ehelepola took the revenge from his family who were living in Senkadagala at the time.

Pilimatalawe was blowing hot and cold in the same breath with the king and the British. She lifted the rice pounder and fell down unconscious on the ground. The king having come to know of this hypocrisy of Pilimatalawe caught him and beheaded him in and appointed as first Adigar Ehelepola who was nephew of Pilimatalawe.

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Ehelepola too was ambitious for power like his uncle and solicited the support of Governor Sir Robert Browrigg to oust the King.

He spied to the British against the King and at the same time solicited the cooperation of the Sinhalese to depose the King. What led to this unfortunate incident is worth a study for our power hungry leaders whose only aim is to be in power disregarding what may befall on the country and the nation.

The King was furious and in a rage when the conspiracy came to light. He ordered that the wife of Ehelepola, her children and a brother of Ehelepola and his wife be beheaded. The First Adigar Pilimatalawe not only paved the way for this succession but also gave his blessings and cooperation to the new king and thus got the approval and blessings of the entire Kandyan Kingdom.

This incident was sufficient grounds to provoke the British. Karaliyadda Island It was exactly years ago today, the May 17th inthat the child hero Madduma Bandara was beheaded on the orders of Sri Wickrama Rajasingha the Nayakkara King of Senkadagala. Pilamatalawe never in his dreams or hindsight thought that this crowning would bring disaster to the long existing monarchy and finally lead to his own annihilation.

The King ordered the female to be drowned to death in the Bogambara lake. Only General Mac Dowell with a small contingent was allowed to enter the Senkadagala capital.Nov 06,  · “ Brother don't fear, I will show you how to die” saying Madduma Bandara asked the executioner to cut his neck in one attempt.

The name of this child hero will be remembered as long as the Sinhala nation and Sinhala rata survive. Madduma Bandara Ehelapola mostly known as Madduma Bandara was the second son of Ehelepola Maha Disawe the Dissava of Sabaragamuwa under the King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha of Kandy Sri Lanka.

Madduma Bandara and his family were executed in by the King for treachery. [2]. Apr 16,  · Madduma Bandara - A national hero Madduma Bandara was the second son of Ehelapola, who was Minister to Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe.

Madduma Bandara Ehelapola

The king suspected Ehelapola of scheming to usurp the crown, which was a serious allegation. Ehelapola fled to the English.

it is a very helpful essay for children. Jul 30,  · Ehelepola Medduma Bandara - A Child Hero: by S. B. Karaliyadda (Island) May 17th inThe child hero Madduma Bandara was beheaded on the orders of Sri Wickrama Rajasingha the Nayakkara King of.

It was exactly years ago today, the May 17th inthat the child hero Madduma Bandara was beheaded on the orders of Sri Wickrama Rajasingha the Nayakkara King of. Sep 27,  · Madduma Bandara - This child hero in Sri Lanka is known as a National Hero for his bravery!

He showed his heroism to the world at the young age of nine. His brave words and his heroic act gave our nation a cause to be proud, proud of their 'Sinha' blood.

Madduma Bandara was the.

Madduma bandera sinhala essays for children
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