The development of jazz and blues essay

This is what will be the key focus of this essay. During this period, blues and jazz music ceased to be a preserve of the blacks and started being played by the whites and Europeans. It just goes to show that jazz music is really evolving.

Jazz music, specifically has an undeniable magic that draws people to it. Van der, The development and advancement in jazz and blues led to the birth of more sophisticated music with different subgenres.

Jazz music was heard in various The development of jazz and blues essay, from funeral processions and parades, hymns and religious events, even for work songs p. Generally speaking, blues in its course of development mixed with other kinds of music and greatly influenced them.

The origin of Jazz. These are music such as rock and roll, popular music, jazz and prominent music. Lately, jazz elements have been infused with other music forms.

According to van der, Newman refers to jazz music as just a combination of tags and tricks that have no implications to any serious composer of music and that it has no form but on the other hand blues has a well defined form.

They were also played in open concerts and in meetings for example during the civil rights movements. The reason that led to the spread of music to other parts was the constant movement of artists not only from one city to another but also from the South to North Vullimy, 39 In the early 20th century, the role of blues and jazz was to express the feelings, emotions and to give stories of the African Americans.

Listening to jazz does the same effect but in the opposite way. Blues is a kind of music that is ever growing and is day by day becoming more complex and sophisticated.

An Annotated Bibliography, Blues is a music genre in its own but an integral part of jazz. Another person who is worth noting and who also played a vital role in the development is Jelly Roll Morton. When classically-trained black musicians could not find work, they turned to jazz and played in clubs.

And when people continue to listen to it, jazz music will live on. The two have crossed their paths in their course of development and have greatly influenced one another. It evokes a sense of calm that sometimes you need not have to be in the presence of others to appreciate it.

There, their music was exposed to European music. Armstrong invented swing but perhaps his greatest contribution to jazz music was introducing jazz to the entire world with his jazz recordings p.

Today, we study about music theory and styles, among other things At a time when the country was experiencing depression, jazz became an outlet of many people to release pent-up emotion. More essays like this: Also, unlike classical music, one does not need to go to opera hall to hear jazz music.

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The Development of Jazz and Blues Essay Sample

According to Salzman, they both originated during the segregation period but later turned to be an important tool for shaping the altitudes and opinions of the blacks. These songs were played in funeral ceremonies where many African Americans attended and hence the message was widely spread.

The development of Jazz and Blues

Blues and jazz music were not just a form of music characteristic of blacks but was a way of expressing their state of mind and their way of life. It is for this reason that an interest in the former African American music was rekindled. Jazz was popularized by American Negroes in a time when they were struggling, when they were hopeless.

Van der, To be precise, jazz and blues have come from along way to become what they are today. Truly, jazz has more emotional depth. Listening to jazz music soothed their tired spirits, uplifted their souls. They also fulfill the emotional part of life and that is why they are regarded as soul searching songs.

Blige, even Justin Timberlake are just some of the popular artists who use this style and judging by the sales of their albums, concerts, and the number of times their songs have been played over the radio and rocketing sales in music downloads, they have succeeded.

While their problems may be different, they all longed for the same thing- to find their own identities and meaning in life While classical music can also unwind a person, the effect of jazz on the listener is more personal, more emotion.

Unfortunately the music has been accused of inciting violence and spreading behaviors that are considered as inappropriate. According to Vulliamy, 63 jazz music begun when Buddy Bolden started incorporating blues sound in his brass instrument.

The reason for it to be accused according to Weinstock, The origin of Jazz is that many of them addressed issues that affected the African Americans.

There is a slight difference between jazz and blues for example; jazz music is rhythmic, instrumental, sophisticated, fast and innovative whereas blues is melodic, slow, vocal, and traditional.

The development of Blues and Jazz - Essay Example

In the United States, however, there was slavery.Electric Blues started in the s; in Chicago, in the s, musicians used amplification of guitar, bass guitar plus drum kit and harmonica.

Electric blues includes the Memphis blues and Texas blues scene which lead to the development of blues-rock. It also led to rock-music. The harmonica is also known as blues harp.

Joshua Redman and other young jazz stars of the day still play the blues, as does every young musician who studies jazz in high school and college courses throughout the world. The bond between the blues and jazz has only been strengthened by the many connotations beyond the musical definitions of these two art forms.

From the s and the early s, there was a development of Latin and Afro-Cuban jazz. These forms of music engender an amalgamation of. Jazz: A History Essay Words | 3 Pages. Jazz: The History The music called Jazz was born sometime around in New Orleans.

It combined elements of Ragtime, marching band music and Blues.

Development of Jazz and Blues

What made Jazz such a different perspective of traditional music was its act of improvising. History of the Blues Music - The contribution of Blues music to the development of many other genres of music is very significant.

Jazz, rock music and country and western are just some of the styles that owe a lot of their progression from the original blues.

The History of Jazz Essay; The History of Jazz Essay. Words Sep 29th, 3 Pages. I studied about Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Spirituals and Gospel.

It was Rather astonishing to see how this music is inter- related. The rapid development of jazz in both the United States and Europe generated a number of diverse musical expressions.

The development of jazz and blues essay
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